RUAF Foundation (International Network of Resource centres on Urban Agriculture and Food Security)
The Stichting International Network of Resource Centres on Urban Agriculture and Food Security or RUAF Foundation is an International Network of 7 regional resource centres in West and South-East Africa, China, S-Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and The Netherlands. RUAF Foundation provides action research, training/coaching, knowledge management, policy analysis and -dialogue, monitoring and evaluation services to Municipalities, Government departments, NGO’s and producer organizations on sustainable development of urban and peri-urban agriculture and food systems in a context of food security, poverty alleviation and local economic development, climate change adaptation, wastes and water management.

Staff members working on the SUPURBFOOD project are Ir. Marielle Dubbeling, Ir. Rene van Veenhuizen, and Ir. Henk Renting
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