Maschinenring Plus AG
With more than 1000 members, which is one third of farmers in Canton Zurich, Machine-Ring Zürich is a self-helping organisation: it is helping with machines and services, it is active in facility management, it has a part-time job agency for the agriculture and rural communities, and it is an active actor in the area of green waste management. In the area of recycling and green waste management, Machine-Ring organises compost farm groups and runs own composting sites/operations.

The Machine-Ring Zurich understands the recycling business a farmer network. The main purpose is to maintain added value in agriculture. The Machine-Ring Zürich also offers its structure for an officially recognised nutrient pool for the Canton Zurich. The Machine-Ring Zurich also coordinates umbrella organisation for machine rings in Switzerland.

Martin Suter, General manager of the Maschinenring and Christian Guyer, environmental engineer, experienced in nutrient cycling, composting and biogas projects, will be the main responsible for the SUPURBFOOD project
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