Comunidade de Montes Veciñais en Man Común de Vincios
The Comunidade de Montes Veciñais en Man Commun de Vincios (CMVMC Vincios) is a non profit organisation formed by communal owners in Vincios (Spain), a municipality at Metropolitan Area of Vigo (MAV): since June 12th 1984, 679 hectares common property was giving back to in total 153 communal owners. CMVMC Vincios forms part of ‘Serra do Galiñeiro’, a mountainous area in MAV to which more communities in the MAV belong and where different activities such as plantations (chestnut, pine and oak trees combined with mushroom production) and cattle breeding (horses, cows and sheep), endogenous activities that have been frequently lost in Galicia have been carried out. Conservation of archaeological sites and restoration of old water mills complete the issues of interests in the area. The CMVMC Vincios in the context of SUPURBFOOD aims at understanding the potential of abandoned mountainous areas for development of (peri-)urban agriculture in the MAV (which is almost impossible under current legislation within the city itself: only self-subsistent food production is allowed); contributing to improve the provisioning of compost (market potential: self-subsistence households in the city, small-scaled organic producers in the wider area of the MAV); and to develop animal production, fruit picking, provision of compost and the improvement and engagement of leisure activities in the MAV.

Contact person at CMVMC Vincios is Alberto Covelo (president).
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