Pico Bio AG
Pico Bio AG is a SME in the Zürich Town Area. Their main goals are to sell authentically produced food products, to bring the fair and organic concept together through the whole chain, and to bridge between the producer and consumer. Pico Bio works together with 58 producers and 65 processors. They deliver over 160 costumers (of which 40 % Gastronomy and 30 % restaurants and the rest to others like small retailers/organic shops).The main products groups marketed based on the turnover are fresh products (80 %) such as fruits and vegetables milk and milk products, meat).most of the costumers are in the City town of Zürich or in the larger urban area of Zürich. Pico Bio has a long standing experience of over 15 years in delivering in a special market segments with gastronomy.
Pico Bio will contribute to SUPURBFOOD project by helping to concept development for short supply chain (role of local wholesalers), using experiences with developing the gastronomy sector in a city region, and delivering data for cost-efficiency calculations.
Beat Ledermann, agronomist, and the founder and general manager of Pico Bio, and Brigitte Marolf, environmental consultant, will be the main contact persons at Pico Bio AG within the SUPURBFOOD project.
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