Agricoltura Nuova Societa Cooperativa Sociale Agricola Integrata
The cooperative “Agricoltura Nuova” was created in 1977 from the initiative of a group of unemployed, peasant and farm workers young people in occupied land. After several years the cooperative legalized his position and the area has been declared Natural Protected with an extension of 6.000 ha. Agricoltura Nuova” is today managing 257 hectares, certified organic since 1996 and employing 30 people full time.
The location in peri-urban area has been an important factor in defining the agricultural production and the farm structure. Since 1977 the main idea of the cooperative associate was to avoid the use of large retailers and supermarkets, choosing short chain as exclusive marketing strategy to reach consumers. A direct selling point has always been active in the cooperative. Nowadays it is open daily and three other selling points are managed by the cooperative in different parts of Rome.

During the last ten years, “Agricoltura Nuova” developed several innovative solutions, together with other local farmers, for logistic and distribution of organic products in Rome. They create a Consortium with other farmers, based in “Agricoltura Nuova” and called Officinae bio which represents the first organic box scheme experience in Rome.

Staff members working at SUPURBFOOD project are Carlo Patacconi, cooperative president since 1977 and general manager of farm activities, and Stefano dell’Anna, degree in Agricultural science in Università degli studi della Tuscia.
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