Roomer bvba
RoomeR bvba is an inspired producer of an alcoholic beverage based on elderberry flowers. Maarten and Jeroen Michels, two brothers, started in 2004 with the production and marketing of Roomer, after 15 years of experiments in grandmothers attic. Now they produce and act within the urban region of the city of Ghent. To grow and collect the elderberry flowers, the company works together with (bio)farmers and private people, encouraging them to rehabilitate the Sambucus Nigra in the peri-urban region of Ghent . To bottle the drink the company works together with social services and to supply it they work solely with short chain delivery to local pubs and specialist shops. The close link with their customers in the metropolitan area is of essential importance, as well as their image of being environmentally friendly. RoomeR bvba is an innovative producer that has been able to select its member staffs from from disadvantaged groups giving them new opportunities in the labour market. Furthermore they have contribute to develop a short supply chain to local shops, pubs and restaurants and to promote organic production in close cooperation with farmers (agro-forestry) and private people (permaculture). RoomeR bvba also aims at reducing waste through their packaging strategy by using returnable bottles which are handled by a sheltered workplace.

Maarten Michels (Germanic Philology, with a strong interest in chemistry and distilling of alcoholic beverages) and his brother Jeroen Michels (biochemistry) are the staff members collaborating with SUPURBFOOD project.
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