The Community Farm Limited
The Community Farm is a social enterprise on in the Chew Valley near Bristol (United Kingdom). The land used by the Community Farm is owned by local farmer, Luke Hasell who is a committed organic farmer and a founder member of an organic meat producing co-operative that operates in the area. In 2008, members of the cooperative along with Phil Haughton of The Better Food Company, established organic growing and the concept of The Community Farm on 22 acres of prime agricultural growing land. In November 2010, the Community Farm launched their community share offer, inviting members of the public to invest in the farm. By the end of March 2011, over 400 people had invested an £125,000 in the farm, helping make the Community Farm a reality. Members receive discounts on the box and invitations to special events. This investment has enabled The Farm to take over the established veg box
scheme, organic growing and wholesale business of The Better Food Company.
The Community Farm provides activities, courses, volunteer days and holds special events for its members. Interest has been expressed in care farming, faith in food, and business team building days. The Community Farm believes in increasing knowledge of growing, giving hands-on experience and the chance to acquire new skills to people from all walks of life. In this way people will become reconnected to where their food comes from and have a greater understanding of what it takes to produce it.
The staff member working on the SUPURBFOOD project is Alison Belshaw (Degree in humanities), Project Director of The Community Farm.

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