SIA Kalnciema iela
Kalnciema Quarter in Riga is an urban quarter engaged with market fairs, farmers markets, cultural and creative economy activities. The quarter is an ensemble of buildings representing 18th / 19th century wooden architecture. Kalnciema Street significantly influences the perception of Riga City centre - the UNESCO World Heritage Site, being the gateway from the International Airport to the heart of the city. The location has provided an additional opportunity for effective awareness-raising of the architecture heritage. The renovated Kalnciema Quarter has been opened to the public and hosts series of cultural and business events Ė festivals, concerts, cinema, exhibitions, design shops, a restaurant, an architectís studio. Twice a month the quarter hosts farmers and artisan markets which are becoming increasingly popular among city dwellers.

The main directions of SIA Kalnciema iela company are Market fairs, farmers and artisan markets, Cultural activities, events and exhibitions, and Woodworks and renovation of historic buildings.

Karlis Dambergs, MA in business administration and entrepreneurship, is a board member of SIA Kalnciema iela and will be the collaborator within the SUPURBFOOD project.
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